Route to Bad Munstereifel How we got there and where we stayed Bad Munstereifel to the 'Ring'
Myself and a work colleague, Roger, decided to undertake a trip to try out the infamous Nurburgring circuit in Germany in our cars this year. I took my Scimitar, purely to have a few 'touring laps', whilst Roger was keen to exploit the performance of his Honda Civic Type R.
Taking the 10.00 ferry from Dover, stopping in Belgium for some EEC purchases and a lunch break, we arrived at our hotel, the  Waldhotel Brezing, around 17.00.  Apart from about the last 10 miles, the whole journey is spent on the motorways.
The hotel was situated on the edge of the town of Bad Munstereifel.  This is a 13th century walled town with the original gatehouses to access the town centre.  There are plenty of shops, to satisfy the 'non ring' members, whilst there are numerous bars, cafes and restaurants to serve all tastes.  One particular place we enjoyed where the food was good and the beer was plentiful, was the Wolfsschlucht.  The surrounding area is full of beautiful walks and nature trails
Bad Munstereifel

Bad Munstereifel

The town of Bad Munstereifel

Dunkirk to the Nurburgring

The route from Dunkirk to Bad Munstereifel

Google Earth view - Bad Munstereifel to the Nurburgring

The scenic and challenging drive from Bad Munstereifel to the Nurburgring shown from Google Earth